Countdown to ceremony!

Stuff to Do!

We're so glad to have you in our little city! We hope that in your time here you'll get a glimpse of why we love it. Below are some resources for learning about and exploring Durham.

The Design*Sponge Guide
 Updated in 2012, the original post was written by Jessie for Design*Sponge in 2009, and the post still uses her accompanying photos. A great glimpse at Durham. See the post here.

News and Blogs
36 Hours in Durham, NC (New York Times) 
Things About Durham That Should Have Made the Times List, But Didn't (Raleigh's News & Observer)
Durham Dining: Pies, Panini & Barbeque (New York Times)
The South's Tastiest Town: Durham, NC: A scrappy scene of artisans devoted to coffee beans, brews, and the craft of humble foods. (Southern Living Magazine)
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The Durham Convention &Visitor Bureau

And for some non-food-related reading:
Open Durham

Our Favorite Spots, Mapped
We made you a Google map of some of our favorite spots, mostly downtown. Peruse the list on the left for coffee shops, restaurants, bars, shops, etc. Most of these can be walked to; a few require a car.

View Jessie and Matt's Durham favorites in a larger map

***NEW: Durham History Hub's Grand Opening is on wedding day!***

Downtown Durham. Events start at 10am and include a parade down Main Street. See this link for more details.

A Perfect Saturday Morning on foot in Durham - Jessie
Cocoa Cinnamon
I hope you're hungry, 'cause my perfect Saturday in Durham is pretty food-focused. Let's say I was staying at the Durham Marriott. If the weather was good, I'd probably start the day with a stroll down to the farmer's market just a few blocks away, and peruse the stalls, buy a pastry and some fresh flowers, and listen to some music. For coffee I'd go to Cocao Cinnamon, which just opened earlier this year and has a stellar if somewhat intimidating coffee menu. Along the way back, I'd stop into Nomadic Trading Co. to see what beautiful new rugs or furniture Demir had in stock, and then into Dear Hearts, a new boutique of local clothing and crafts which opens at 11.

For lunch I'd go to Daisy Cakes, also on Foster, and get one of the sandwiches and a cupcake and pastry for dessert.

To work it off, I'd wander through downtown along Main Street up to Brightleaf Square and visit Vert & Vogue boutique and Morgan Imports, before heading back to the hotel for some beauty rest for the night's festivities!


A Perfect Saturday Morning in Durham - Matt
(Google Map)
Sennett's Hole on the Eno River
A perfect Saturday for me would  be to roll out of bed between 8 and 9 AM, grab a coffee and a baked good either from Rue Cler, Monuts, Scratch, or Loaf. Once I've gotten my breakfast, I would hop in the car and head North for a leisurely hike through the West Point on the Eno River Park (5101 North Roxboro Street, Durham, NC). Check out the trail map here.

I'd take the Laurel Cliff's trail, to the South River Trail, a very short hop on the Buffalo Trail, and then it's just .15 miles fording a small stream to get to Sennett's Hole. It'll probably be a little cold for swimming, but it's a beautiful spot to watch the water go by. Depending on the water level will depend on how easy it is to cross the stream and get to the river. I'd expect this to just be an easy stroll and a chance for some fresh air.

After getting back I might grab lunch on the outdoor patio of the Fed, at Bull McCabe's, or from one of the food trucks parked near the Saturday Farmer's Market.

After enjoying lunch, it's time to head back for a nap and get ready for the wedding!