Countdown to ceremony!

About Jessie & Matt

Jessie with Cleveland, their adored dog of 5 years
Jessie was raised right on the very spot where you'll be joining us to celebrate our commitment, on Down Yonder Farm in Hillsborough, NC. She attended Oberlin College, graduating in 2004, and moved to Boston in 2005 where she began her photography career. She now freelances as a photographer for businesses, nonprofits, and all kinds of interesting people. She's excited to have her parents, sister Amanda, and grandmother with her for the wedding, as well as a wonderful group of aunts and uncles, cousins, and friends.

Matt at Geer Street Garden, one of their favorite spots

Matt was born and raised outside Buffalo, NY, the oldest of 7 siblings. He went to Gordon College in Wenhem, MA, graduating in 2004, and moved to Boston afterward to work as a research analyst in the MA State House. In 2008, he began a dual graduate degree program at UNC for urban planning and public administration, finishing in 2011. He currently works as a clinical trials associate for Quintiles in Durham, and keeps busy doing work with local preservation organizations and other groups. Matt's thrilled to be joined by his siblings, parents, and three grandparents for the wedding, as well as many great family members and friends.

Matt and Jessie met in Boston in March of 2006 when Jessie bought a book at Borders, where Matt was working part time. Many of you know the story; after a brief meeting over the check-out desk, Jessie, on a whim, posted a Missed Connection to Craigslist, expecting absolutely nothing to come of it. Matt's boss, however, spotted the posting and got it into Matt's hands. For two weeks, wary of what they'd gotten themselves into, they emailed back and forth, getting to know each other a bit before committing to take a walk together one beautiful Spring evening.

That date, from one end of Boston to the other, was followed by a long dinner, a bottle of wine, dessert, and hours of conversation, and was the first of many they would share. On wedding day, it will be seven years, six months, and twelve days since that first date. Matt and Jessie are excited to mark a new chapter in their life together with you there to celebrate this commitment with them.