Countdown to ceremony!

About This Union

We view our impending vows on October 12 as a distinct beginning to a new and permanent phase of our relationship, a spiritual and weighty bond that we're excited to have you witness.

As many of you know, the union will not be a legal one — yet. Marriage joins together two people in front of their family and community. When the State extends this right our gay friends and family, then we will amend our union to include a civil commitment as well.

This is a decision we've thought long and hard about. We believe the tide is changing and that it won't be too long before we can head to the courthouse here in Durham or wherever we may be living at the time, and enjoy the legal benefits of marriage as well as the spiritual bond. But we feel compelled to wait.

We'll be adding some more thoughts on the issue in the coming months here; in the meantime, check out this great blog called Sticker Shock by some friends whose marriage is recognized in Vermont where they were legally married but not in most of the country, and the many hurdles and injustices they run into because of this.

Also check out our Registry page to see how you can contribute to the cause! We thank you for considering a gift on our behalf. Below is a video from the We Do Campaign, supported by the Campaign for Southern Equality, where are are registered.